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Archer UK Ltd
Rob Egan
Vice President Survey & Inspection
Archer UK Ltd
 Gregorio Ciarlo
Gregorio Ciarlo
Product Manager for Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS)
ABB, Italy
 Manindera Singh
Manindera Singh
Former Executive Director – Offshore/ Marine
Drydocks World

A fundamental requirement for offshore E&P companies is offshore platforms. Whether rigs, floating platforms or artificial islands, designing and building an offshore infrastructure to facilitate exploration activities and support the production activities for the lifetime of the field are essential. On the production side, operations and maintenance of these platforms, if rigs, is also critical, especially as fields are now being forced to operate beyond original design life.

In Abu Dhabi, several artificial islands are being constructed as they are seen as the safest, most cost effective alternatives with minimal maintenance requirements for the operation purposes (concrete corrosion still a concern, but less than metal). In Qatar, jack up rigs and in few cases FPSOs are being considered, whilst in Saudi, custom made rigs are being designed and engineered to specifically suite their requirements. Saudi Arabia, for its Manifa offshore heavy field, the world’s 5th largest field, is being connected by main land via a 41 km causeway, much safer and cheaper to operate than an isolated platform. As the field is producing heavy crude, it will require major staffing and support, hence its need for land connection.

MENA Offshore Platforms 2014 will look at requirements, design, engineering and construction, operation and maintenance, risk and safety associated with the various types for offshore platforms for the region. With unique challenges of each of these fields (deep water, sour gas, heavy oil, etc), this event will look at the best platform to support the requirements of the filed, and the engineering and technological requirements to establish and operate.

Key themes of the agenda:

  • Overview of current and upcoming offshore E&P projects in the GCC
  • Project management of design, engineering and construction of offshore projects
  • Design and engineering challenges of artificial islands in the Arabian gulf
  • Design and engineering challenges of offshore rigs in the Arabian gulf
  • Safety and risk associated with offshore facilities
  • Selection criteria for the optimal type of facility for your offshore project
  • Subsea infrastructure – design, engineering, operations and maintenance
  • Cathodic protection of offshore facilities
  • Unmanned control to reduce risks associated with human factors in offshore operations

Testimonials from our offshore series of events

“Very positive and promising in terms of enhancing co-operation and co-ordination”
- Senior Advisor, MEMAC
“Diverse information for an improving industry”
- Quality Manager, Tasneef

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